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Tape Drive Repair, Maintenance, AMC & Rental Services Gurgaon

 Tape Drives India is one of the emerging brand of Pertho Engineers deals in Repair Maintenance of DLT Tape Drives in Gurgaon, LTO Tape Drives in Gurgaon, DAT Tape Drives in Gurgaon. We repair with Warranty and provide Services to all Tape Drives, Tape Drive Library, Tape Drive Cartridges, Tape Drive Hardware & Parts Replacements at reasonable price. We are serving all over India for our repair & maintenance service. We also take annual contract of Mass Storage Device Tape Drive around the nation. Customers from all parts of India, UAE, Gulf Countries Courier their defective tape drives to us. We Inspect the Machine and give Best Repairing Price Quote to customers. We are able to satisfy 100% customers due to affordable Repair & Maintenance Cost at our end.

We also deals in Tape Drive Rental Services in Gurgaon. If you are running short of Storage media, Hard Drives, You saves your data in Tape Drive Cartridges using Tape Drive Rental Services in Gurgaon for small span of time without investing lot of money in buying Tape Drives.

We are expert in Repair & Maintenance of Server Hardware of every brand. We provide Spare Parts replacement along with repair service. If you know the specific problem in your Server you can get best repair & maintenance Service from us 

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